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Hiding Out In

yes you did, you said

fast old lady
7 November
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"Claudia," Jamie said, "you are quietly out of your mind."

"Oh boloney, Claude!"

Things you might not know about me

I have a disappearing Tardis mug. It makes everything taste better.
I have too many Christmas lights in my room, and by too many I mean not enough.
I like vegetables. I eat about three salads a year, though, even though I'm a vegan.
When the power goes out I like to use my sonic screwdriver and my light up Hermione wand because, well, I'm a fucking nerd.
I always have to pee.
I'm really bad at subtracting continually from a high number.
I have an extension cord and three power strips all within two feet of me right now, I just noticed that. What the heck.
I have to pee.

Roller derby saved my life

Trust him, he's a doctor.